Humanity Link is the conduit between the public and private sector.  Our work is based on the notion that more impactful action is possible, when both sides of business collaborate.  We bring together investors and implementors to coordinate a comprehensive approach to reaching a sustainable triple bottom line in high profile, humanitarian and crisis settings.

Our Vision

Non-profit organizations and private corporations operate seemlessly in disaster and crisis situations towards growth and impact.

Our Mission

To transform how humanitarian agencies and corporate businesses work together to assist those in need, promoting financial growth and sustainable impact.

"We need to be more ambitious in building resilience to disasters and quicker in responding to them. And we need to think and work differently. In particular, as well as working with official multilateral agencies and NGOs, we need to draw on the skills and expertise of the private sector for innovation, problem solving, delivery and efficiency."
Andrew Mitchell (former Secretary of State for International Development UK)

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