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BOOK: Humanitarian Intelligence

Updated: Jul 26, 2018

Dr. Andrej Zwitter, Dean of University College Freisland, University of Groningen

Humanitarian Intelligence (HI) is a specific skill set for data collection, preparation, analysis and decision making in humanitarian and development aid. As such, it is a prerequisite for any programme and project design.

In essence, humanitarian intelligence is information prepared in such a way that humanitarian organisations can readily take decisions of strategic, tactical and operational level, thereby improving their response capacity while preserving the humanitarian principles.

Within the Humanitarian Intelligence Cycle a set of different tools is necessary to come from data to intelligence: Data and Source Reliability Checks, Context Analysis Tools, Stakeholder and Social Network Analysis, Scenario Planning, Forecasting, etc.

About the book

The book "Humanitarian Intelligence - A Practitioner's Guide to Crisis Analysis and Project Design" provides the necessary tools and skills to conduct data collection, validation and analysis for a successful project and programme design.

Humanitarian Intelligence has just been published by Rowman & Littlefield and can be ordered online HERE, on AMAZON, and in any bookstore.

Further resources, such as case studies, software tools and lecture slides, can be found on its dedicated WEBSITE. You will also find a 30% discount flyer valid only until December 31, 2016.

Praise for the book

"Humanitarian Intelligence elevates the vital role that intelligence analysis plays in the humanitarian sector. Most important, leaders and practitioners alike now have a working framework they can easily and immediately incorporate in their next relief operation."

MIKE CLARK, senior advisor and senior policy director, Convoy of Hope

"Utilizing approaches from experts in intelligence gathering will provide humanitarians and governments with the ability to address needs faster, more adequately, and with accuracy to ensure impact. Humanitarian Intelligence is groundbreaking and will help revolutionize humanitarian responses in the future."

CHRISTOPHER M. HOFFMAN, MPM, regional humanitarian and emergency affairs director, World Vision East Africa Regional Office

"Zwitter timely and successfully takes up the challenge and provides all humanitarian stakeholders with a groundbreaking approach to data collection, analysis, and processes of decision-making, for the benefit of evidence-based humanitarian programming and project design. His book will truly be a game changer!"

JOOST HERMAN, professor of globalisation and humanitarian action, president, Network on Humanitarian Action (NOHA)