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Our services to get you moving forward.

Partnership sourcing

Short-term assistance to help your NGO or business find the right partners.

Partnership buliding

Once we help you identify partnerships, we broker and forge your relationship for the future.

We bring field and technology experts to the table and help create your plan and approach to pilot implementation.

Now that you have a proof of concept and MVP, we get you to scale and to growth.

Our advisors are globally recognized experts in their fields and we customize our consulting and research teams to provide you with excellence and impact you require









What we actually do for you!

When you have an idea, a thought, an innovation and don't know where to go, who to ask and how to do it, we help you source the right team and partnerships to develop your important "idea," into "something"

This usually take 5 work days and we'll get a report to you and suggestions on a way forward.

After you've decided that you have a partner you want to work with, who thinks like you or has the same ethos and beliefs that you convey, let us help you make it real.  

We take our time to help you cultivate meaningful relationships with partners in any industry on any continent and in any sector.  We want you to achieve the impact you desire, and we know how to do that!

This usually takes about a month to get this right.  We'll help you get the relationship legal, meaningful and ready for the next step.

You've got a team, you've got an idea and now you have an amazing partnership.  It's time to put this all together and build, test, and evaluate just how impactful your new approach or partnership is going to be.   We're here to walk you through this process step-by-step with our innovation teams and products and get your pilot out the door!

This usually takes about 6 months.  We help you get your idea off the ground and tested.  Once we're done here, we'll report back to you how well it performed, what iterations needs to take place and what your plan for scale should be!

Taking a product or idea to scale in the field, in the factory or in the office is never an easy task and takes a lot of sensitivity.  You're going to need a plan, a process, a team and a whole lot of energy.

We really love taking ideas to scale and have a collective 500 years of experience on doing just that.  You can't go wrong with an advisory team of highly driven and energetic colleagues (us) to take you all the way to the finish line!


This process usually takes a year to make sure it is done correctly and is sustainable.  We will handover the process and the relevant goodies to your team when we're done, and make sure you're ready for success. 

We have put together a large and diverse team of experts with more than 1000 years of collective experience in humanitarian and development action.

Each advisor builds upon their own field of study and expertise to create the opportunity for your needs to be met with the expertise, innovative thought and excellence you require.


As a group we have published or been published in internationally recognized academic journals, policy documents and have contributed to publications that lay the standard for innovative thought and humanitarian action.  We customize our excellence for your needs and for the benefit of those you are serving.  

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